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IoT Internet Sensor Development Courses

OPEN and RAKwireless have teamed up to offer a series of new educational IoT sensor development kits and related OPEN curricula.

OPEN is now offering two development course training tiers, as follows:

CORE LEVEL – An introductory IoT course that includes assembling hardware, installing an Arduino interactive desktop environment (IDE), loading board and library dependencies, compiling, and flash programming of firmware code using an example device from the kits.

ADVANCED LEVEL – This course will expose the learners to additional code programming resources such as Circuit Python, VSCode, and platformIO. The subject matter will then focus on the specific hardware and application of the associated learning kit. A certificate of completion for the accredited coursework will accompany successful completion of each course module.

Related Subject Area Courses/Programs

We also offer related subject area courses that align to the initial agriculture and environment development course modules. These include sustainable agriculture and apiculture courses, and soon environmental science subject matter such as Air Quality Monitoring, and Introduction to Climate Change. And coming 3rd and 4th Quarter in 2024 - Introduction to IoT data analytics, and Introduction to AI and Machine Learning for IoT.

Once your purchase is approved, you and your learners will be onboarded to our OPEN Online Learning Management System (LMS) and given access to your specific course(s) and instructional materials.

All courses in our LMS have a collaborative forum feature where you can exchange ideas and knowledge with one another in your institution, or if you choose other institutions who have enrolled in the same course(s).

Explore Our Partner for Companion Hardware

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